Berrys in Bury - 2 questions

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Berrys in Bury - 2 questions Empty Berrys in Bury - 2 questions

Post  Gordon Berry on Sat Nov 07, 2015 5:16 am

I am a member of a group of Berrys whose Berry ancestors lived in Huddersfield from at least 1500 onwards - we have taken DNA tests to verify some of our mutual relationships.
We believe the "Huddersfield Berrys" came from the Bury area before 1500 - early ones were called Bury or de Bury or de Berie, etc.
We are interested in making contact with "Bury Berrys", especially those who have or could do their own DNA testing. This could confirm that the "Huddersfield Berrys" did indeed originate in Bury.
I was born in Huddersfield, but have since emigrated to the USA. As a boy, I remember driving thru Bury (on the way between Huddersfield and grandparents in the Preston area. The road went thru the center, but we always noticed on the east side of the center a sign "Berrys Yard". The sign was on an old archway between some stone row houses on the north side of what was then the main east-west road.
Does anyone remember Berrys yard? Does anyone have a picture of it?
My family tree is listed on, and I can give access to anyone who thinks they might be related...

Thanks for any help - Gordon Berry

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