Barlows - Stanley Barlow & Robert Barlow * 2

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Barlows - Stanley Barlow & Robert Barlow * 2 Empty Barlows - Stanley Barlow & Robert Barlow * 2

Post  BarlowDiscovery on Thu Jan 05, 2017 4:33 pm

Hello All,

I have recently discovered Barlow Ancestors who lived Whitefield & Radcliffe
They are Maternal Ancestors on Mum's Barlow side

Stanley Barlow was born 1782 and passed away 1840
He was a Shopkeeper & Smallware Manufacturer
Having built a couple of Shops at 2-4 or 4-6 Church Street, Radcliffe
on Land leased from Countess Grosvenor - I have seen the deed at Bury Archives
4th Great Grandad Stanley lived on Stand Lane
I would like to find out what Smallware he made
I found out from Bury Archives where he is buried at St Mary's, Prestwich

3rd Great Grandad Robert Barlow was a Tinplate Worker and lived on Toad Lane
which does not seem to still exist
2nd Great Grandad Robert Barlow was also a Tinplate Worker and moved to Blackburn
as Great Grandad Robert Barlow (3 Roberts) was born in Blackburn

I'd like to know if anyone knows any more about the above Barlows
and if anyone knows of any Barlows still living locally

Thank You,


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