Ridge and furrow crop marks

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Ridge and furrow crop marks Empty Ridge and furrow crop marks

Post  ikbikb on Mon Feb 08, 2010 1:46 pm

I was waking around Elton Res after the snow and clearly saw Ridge and furrow field marks in fields next to Bennies, Doffer Fold and possibly crow tree farm andt the hospital. There are others much more clear at the back of the Shabaz near Bradley Fold.

Quick tramp around Radcliffe revealed early plough crop mark west of the medievel half timbered Scotsman Fold. And in Ainswrth north of the medievil site of Barrack fold extensive and very clear medievil field systems crop marks. Barrack fold reportedly taking its name from the civil war attack on Bolton by roylalist troops.

Is there any others in the Bury Metro?


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