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Post  ikbikb on Sun Feb 14, 2010 4:52 am

Aother important part of Bury History was the mining industry and extensive remains exist.

Cockey moor at the end of highr pit lane is an eighteenth century mine site. The enclosure field boudarydated 1812 circles around the site. The road to it has impressive sets and gutters. Some buildig lines can be made out and a large spoil ti is clearly visble. This has ceased working in 1850. Further up on the moor and clearly visible from cockey moor are even earlier extraction pits on what would have then been common land.

In Radcliffe at Hardmans fold pit buildings still exist and north of Mount Sion Farm is a clear and impressiive culvert emptying into the canal from a mine. Reports indicate that the air shaft the maps show in the reservoir north of mount sion farm was related to a large drainage tunnel through radliffe to cockey moor to lower the water table and aid deeper mining. This emptied into the river at Mont Sion.

Around rural elton aso exist large spoil tip south of the canal and at the back of the sailing club and hospital remains of Hinds pit with some walls and causeway to the former canal visible. The mine wasd sunk in 1845.


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