16 Blindsill Road and 34 Corson Street

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16 Blindsill Road and 34 Corson Street Empty 16 Blindsill Road and 34 Corson Street

Post  banks and price on Tue Aug 13, 2013 11:21 am

My mother handed me some old pictures with no details. I think we have Richard Banks and Margaret Banks standing in front of 16 Blindsill Road. My grandmother was born at 7 Blindsill Road in 1909. Richard was a Police Sergeant in Lancashire in about 1857 to 1880 after leaving the 90th Foot.

Another picture where the 16 is easily read and is William and Fanny Price. Numerous weddings and burials at St. James and St. Michaels have 16 Blinsill listed.

The Prices are down as living at 34 Corson, BUT......this really has me baffled. John Thomas price was my grandmothers father. From the records he was wed in 1907 and about 26..so born 1882. Can also see Emily and Ellen getting married in the records.

BUT trying finding John Thomas Price, as well as his sisters, in any census. Seems we have another William, Fanny and a John Thomas but born in 1869.

Searched St. Michaels burials and stumbled across Sarah Jane Price married to William Price and living at 34 Corson. Sarah Jane Price..is my grandmothers name.

Now Iam thinking Fanny Price was NOT the mother to John Thomas Price, Emily or Ellen Price. Their mother died and Fanny stepped into the motherless family?

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16 Blindsill Road and 34 Corson Street Empty Blindsill Rd to Corson Street

Post  Roy Turner on Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:59 am

Can't help you with your ancestors, but I have a link to a Google map which shows how close these addresses are to each other; about 3 to 4 miles (5 to 6 km). The link to follow is

If you can't click on the link just copy and paste into your web browser.


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