The Lake and Waterworks at Pilsworth

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The Lake and Waterworks at Pilsworth Empty The Lake and Waterworks at Pilsworth

Post  briand on Wed Oct 28, 2009 8:14 am

Hi everybody
I am new to this site , and am seeking information on the lodges , waterworks and lake at Pilsworth . I was born and bred at Besses o th Barn in 1948 but moved away from the area in 1961. I must be getting old because I have lived long enough to see the " new " Mayfair Cinema built (seen the first film there on the opening night ...Carosel ) and now its been pulled down and turned into flats ! The elegant and much loved Whitefield Town hall where I used to fly my 6 penny glider and feed the ducks appears to be awaiting a convienient fire before that to can be flattened .....not my idea of progress !!
Anyway grump over , I am seeking the following information about the waterworks at Pilsworth :
1 Why were the waterworks and lake built
2 When was the work started and finished .
3 How much did it all cost , How many men were used . How many tons of stone were required , where did the stone come from and how was it transported on site ....not by Horse and wagon surely ????
4 For whoes benefit was the boat house built on the lake ( not for the likes of you and me thats for sure ! ), photograhs of all the works as they progressed would be much appreciated .
5 All the retaining walls for the lake and the lodges appear to be of dry stone construction this normal ?

If any of you can provide me with any information on tha above OR SOUCES OF FURTHER INFOMATION i WOULD BE VERY GRATEFULL . The local planning office at Bury want 70 per hour to source this information for me by the way .

Thanks briand


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The Lake and Waterworks at Pilsworth Empty Re: Lake and Waterworks at Pilsworth

Post  Roy Turner on Tue Nov 10, 2009 3:12 am

Hello Brian.
I notice that the Reference Library at Bury have some information about Pilsworth, including an entry:

Corp Author Bury Reference and Information Services.
TitleBleachworks, Morros Mill, Pilsworth, 11 cottages, reservoirs. land etc to be let
NoteBt 6/10/1860
Bury RIS Misc File

I don't know if this will help, but a visit to the Reference Library in Bury might be productive.


Roy Turner

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The Lake and Waterworks at Pilsworth Empty The reservoir and waterworks at Pilsworth Fisheries

Post  briand on Wed Nov 11, 2009 7:40 am

Dear Roy

Thanks for the information , I originally conacted Bury Library last week who phoned back the same day to say they didnt have any information at all !!
As I now live in Kirkham I decided to visit the Land Registry which is only three miles away in Lytham and I obtained a copy of the site plan and the present owners details and have since spoken to him on the phone .
Regretably he doesnt have a single photograph of the original works or the dates the work took place , I have promised him copies of anything I can dig up .
I have a cousin who still lives in Prestwich which is 40 miles closer to Bury Library than I am and will therefore leave him to do some of the legwork .
At the moment I am waiting for the Library to E mail me ( if possible ) with a copy of the article you referred me to .
Thanks again for your help .

Regards Brian


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The Lake and Waterworks at Pilsworth Empty Re: The Lake and Waterworks at Pilsworth

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