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Post  ikbikb on Mon Feb 08, 2010 1:54 pm

Looking at old maps around elton res I discovered and located evidence of three farms long since lost. These included Hams Farm mentioned in Radcliffe Parish register 17th cent west of Crow tree farm Radcliffe, Round Oak North west of the sailing club, and Buckley Fold near doffer fold and lower spenmoor both with 18th cent hand made bricks. They were all thriving as farms at least until 1901 and show on maps until

Other ones I came accross included Mount Sion Farm near Harper fold Radcliffe. This has extnsive remains gateposts 6 foot wall remains, large stone slabs, and eighteenth cent bricks, further over to Scotsman fold I found the remains of Rushacre, mainly covered in brambles but still brick lines visible.

Other area include Bentley lane Walshaw and two sites Lower Bently Hall map evidence shows extensive building. Very litle survives other that the well water supply and a few wall lines and some dressed stone. But on the surfce was some good pieces of 19th pot and clay pipe. 200 yards north of Lower Bentley Hall are the remains of Anthony fold. More survuives here with impresive 6foot walls, large slabs of stone, well remains, clear wall lines of several buidings, slate and stone roof tiles and 19th cent pot fragments.

In ainsworth east of bradley fold and south of Bury old road is the old charity school site founded in the eary 18th centeral consisted of a school room a house and small farm for the teacher to maintain himself. Visible on early 19thcent maps but not on later ones. Little remains other than two clear platforms that match map evidence of a long rectangular building and at the end of this further evidance of buildings. A few yards east of this is Booths farm again quite a few remains stone slabs eighteenth cent bricks wall lines etc.

Another trip to cheesden pasture revealed many abandoned farms and in the snow very extensive plough marks, ridge furrow. The census showed that some of the farmers ran farms and mills as per 'The lost valley.' Precarious investigation showed most of these farms were substantial long building with cellars that were clearly used as cool rooms. Viewed from ground level, not entering, many have stone tables with drain holes presumably for dairy products. One field wall has smply incorperated old building walls with windows and door still clearly visible. Census records these were increasingly less and less occupied. Some still have rafters made from very twisted tree branches ith holes for latts. It must have been a township with a popultion of 200+, even a row of millworkers cotages high n the moor. Near Old Betts I found evidence of pot production with layers of old crude 19th C ceramics.

Another walk on Bottom Moor Rd Holcombe also revealed at least 5 farms all piles of rubble and census investigarion showed handloom weavers/farmers.


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