Wood Street Mill Co. Ltd, James street, Bury cotton waste spinners.

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Wood Street Mill Co. Ltd, James street, Bury cotton waste spinners.

Post  BuryFC on Tue Nov 08, 2011 12:46 pm

Good evening, Im trying to find any information i can on Wood Street Mill Co. Ltd, a cotton waste spinners mill in bury that was situated on james steet. i have been looking at my family tree and it seems my grandad was a managing director at the mill in the 50s, Im trying to find out when the mill first opened and who opened the mill. I have have searched everywhere to no avail. Seems as though my family had history in this mill well before the 50s, i have been told my Great grandad could have been a partner in the mill but im not to sure. i will attach a picture at the bottom. I would be so greatful if anyone has or can help me find any information what so ever big or small. Many thanks in adavnce. Very Happy


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WOOD St Mill

Post  David Platt on Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:51 am

Hi The only wood st mill I can find is this one dated 1891 and had two mills the other one
listed as in Pimhole Bury, could this be the one

Wood Street Mill Co
of Elton, Bury
1891 Directory (Bury): Listed as Cotton spinner and manufacturer.
David Platt
David Platt

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Re: Wood Street Mill Co. Ltd, James street, Bury cotton waste spinners.

Post  Mike D on Mon Feb 06, 2012 8:50 am

I suspect there is confusion here over Company name and location.

As Dave says, it may be the one in Pimhole. I have looked on the 1937 OS map and the mill shown in the photo (above) is indicated as Beech Mill. However there is a building shown to the rear of Beech Mill and named as Pimhole Mills (Cotton Waste).

Wood Street Mill Company was a Limited Liability Company first registered at Companies' House in 9th July 1875. The registration number was 9668.The company was dissolved on 9th March 1999 and was then removed from the register. The registered address at dissolution was:


A lot of company information is listed in The London Gazette. You can search their archives. I have tried for "Wood Street Mill Co", but so much info comes up as it seems to search for all words. If you search LG using your Grandad's name it should throw something up about when he was appointed etc.

There are also some historic details listed here about the mill Here This is from a document as part of a planning application to demolish the mill and build houses on it.



Mike D

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Wood Street Mill Co. Ltd.

Post  DFELTON on Wed Nov 06, 2013 7:10 am

It looks like the early history of Wood Street Mill Co. Ltd. name derives from the address of its mill as from the
Grace Guide to Cotton mills in Bury in 1891 under Elton is the following:-

Wood Street Mill Co. Ltd. Springfield Mill, Wood St. 4000 spindles, 70 looms. J. Openshaw Manager and Secretary.

On the 1891 Town Plan of Bury there is only one Cotton Mill on Wood St. backing on to the Gas Works and judging by its size it would fit with a 4000 spindle and 70 loom mill in the Cotton Waste business.

Hope this is of help in tracing the history and your families connection to this company.

Roy Kirkman


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Re: Wood Street Mill Co. Ltd, James street, Bury cotton waste spinners.

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